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Patrick Roane- President

Patrick Roane- President, washes residential/commercial windows (store fronts). He also consults on other home improvement projects such as home insulation, roof and window replacement as well as photovoltaic solar systems.

Skybleu is licensed and insured. References (provided upon request) emphasize Patrick's professionalism, thorough approach and attention to detail.

Patrick grew up in Northfield, IL

Patrick grew up in Northfield, IL and is now expanding operations in the Bay Area. He graduated from New Trier High School and he earned his Bachelor of Arts from both the University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo and WIU, Macomb Illinois.

​ Recently, Patrick earned an MBA in marketing from the University of Phoenix. Patrick advocates a strong sense of community and supports local business.

The Roane family attends
The Roane family attends The Episcopal Church of St. James the Less in Northfield where his uncle Wilson Roane has been a guest pastor.

Patrick is a pleasure to work with. He is an honest, dependable and hard working professional. Patrick is easy to talk to and has a friendly demeanor. He always puts his customers and their safety first.
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Tel: 650.241.8324

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